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Dressing For Work

Office Attire: The clothes you wear, how you wear them, and your general appearance can have a big impact on your workplace environment.

Your appearance is your personal statement when working at any job, especially in an office environment. The clothes you wear and how you wear them is just as important as any other aspect of your job because, as we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions. What a person sees when they walk into an office is what they will remember, and this may make or break a business transaction.

The way you dress says a lot about you. It may be a determining factor in promotions and other opportunities for advancement or whether or not you will be allowed to be in a position of authority, such as in management.

Your choice of clothing may suggest that you are more interested in individuality than what is best for the company. The way you dress should emphasize that you are company oriented, competent, and very serious about the job you are doing.

Outside the general cleanliness of an office, most people look at the employees. Believe it or not, the way employees are allowed to dress in an office tells a lot about the company. Most offices have dress codes, but as an employee, it is up to you to project a positive image in the way you dress for work.

In essence, regardless to your job description, you are an unofficial representative of the company and you should dress in a way that promotes a positive impression, not just to customers, clients, and vendors, but to your co-workers as well.

A vendor or possible client is likely want to do business with a company based on the people they come in contact with. It doesn't matter whether you are in the front office or at another location in the building, you should always remember that it is possible that you may come in contact with a VIP, either from within the company you work for or from an outside source who may want to do business with your company.

Your style of dress should always be in good taste while at work. It should be an indication of your professionalism and self worth. You don't have to wear expensive clothes to work, but they should be fitted, pressed, and above all, clean. If you gain or lose weight, make adjustments to your wardrobe accordingly. Never wear clothes that are too tight or too big. It gives an appearance of sloppiness and carelessness.

Although you may not own the company, you do get paid for the job you do, and since you get paid, you should want the company to succeed and continue to grow. This is why you, as a valued employee, should make every effort to help your company grow and prosper.

The way you dress has more of an affect on your company than you may realize. When everyone dresses for success, it gives the company a positive image and it makes other people from other companies want to associate with it. This, in turn, helps make your job more stable and long term.

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