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"Why Be A Follower When You Can Be A Leader?
Live Your Passion
, Follow Your Dreams"
by Alvaretta Roberts

Let’s take a minute and reflect on where we are in our lives. Are we leaders, followers, living our passions or following our dreams?

What is a leader? The Webster dictionary describes a leader as a person who leads, a person who has commanding authority or influence. Is this the true meaning of a leader?

Is this the definition of a person you would want to be your leader? Yes, maybe, no.

Another definition of a leader: A person who has earned the title of leadership through respect, partnership, and loyalty. A person who works alongside his or her counterparts.

What is a follower? The Webster dictionary describes a follower as a person that follows the opinions or teachings of another. Is this the true meaning of a follower?

Another definition of a follower: A person who takes into account the teachings of another person. A follower is a person who creates the mood in the surrounding atmosphere. A follower sometimes knows as much or more about a subject than the leader.

A follower is the listener that absorbs what is being said or done and then follows the suggestion of the leader.

Are you living your passion? Your passion is what you have always wanted to pursue. Pursuing your passion may take time and money, but are you willing to give up on your passion because of money or time?

Living your passion gives you the confidence of being the person you want to be. Living your passion enhances your lifestyle and the lifestyle of those around you. Living your passion is what keeps you motivated to reach a higher level in your life.

In order to live your passion, you must define your passion, reach for your desires, and then live your passion!

Follow your dreams! You are your dreams, you are your thoughts, you are your very existence. It is your life. Are you following your dreams?

It may take days, months, or years to determine what your true dreams are. You may wake up one morning and realize that the life that you are leading is not the life that you had dreamed for yourself.

Following your dreams can be as easy as defining where you want to be, creating your own destiny, and pursuing those dreams with the determination to succeed!

You may not aspire to be a CEO, vice president, or a director of an organization, but chances are, you may find yourself in a position in which you will have an influence on others. That’s leadership.

You may feel as though you are not the one who everyone listens to, but you are. You are the Leader.

We live our Passion everyday in the small things we do.

Your Dreams are yours and no one can take them away. Always follow your Dreams!

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