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The Business Woman

"Women of today can run a business while taking care of themselves and their family, and by all accounts, do it successfully."
~Alvaretta Roberts~

Women have become a driving force in the world of business and they are competing rigorously with men on all levels of the playing field.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of women who are starting and managing their own businesses. Many have become very successful and some have entered the ranks of the Fortune 500, either as the owners of their own companies or as the CEO's of established companies.

Although women have owned and operated businesses in the past, the numbers were relatively low compared to men. That has changed dramatically over the past 50 years or so. Today, business filings for women have equaled or surpassed those filed by men, and the numbers are growing rapidly.

What changed for women? Several things. First, women are no longer looked upon as helpless damsels in distress. They are strong, intelligent, educated, capable, and most of all, they are willing to take on risks and responsibilities that go with entrepreneurship. In other words, the women of today can run a company while taking care of themselves and their families, and do it successfully.

Women have traditionally been the keepers of the office, and in many cases, worked harder while making less money than men who were doing the same jobs. In the office environment, it was the women who were expected to know where every dot and dash went in the company and they had to handle, organize, file. and keep records of all important company data. This was a lot of work.

They had to learn everything there was to know about how the company operated, who did what, when, and how while working side by side with other employees and management. In a real sense, this was a blessing because women learned what they needed to know to make a business work. They learned how to implement office rules and procedures, work with customers and clients, and solve problems before they became unsolvable. They knew how to handle anything that affected the workplace and the company's overall production.

And yet, they did this without having the titles or the prestige that was given to their male counterparts. Women very seldom made it into the upper echelons of management, and when they did, in many cases, they didn't have any real power.

Historically, women were given the task of keeping the office running smoothly. In reality, if it wasn't for the women who took on this role, many companies would not have thrived and some would have failed altogether. Women were often looked upon as objects in the workplace. They were under appreciated and mistakenly thought of as air heads. Their true potential was often overlooked and their intelligence and real abilities were under used and, in many cases, systematically downgraded and abused.

The roles of modern women in the world of business has drastically changed. Today, many women have taken on the role of leadership. They refuse to be kept in minor or silent positions. They speak their minds, walk with their heads held high, and they aren't afraid to take on challenges. They know what it takes to be successful. They know how to interact with men on a professional level. In short, they know how to run a company and make it profitable.

Women can think for themselves. They are not relegated to being told what to do and what works. Instead, they are comfortable telling others what to do and how to do it. In essence, women can compete in business and in the job market, and they are holding their own by making decisions based on intelligence, knowledge, gut feelings, and the true desire to make the most of the opportunities that are present in the business world.

Women know how to use their intuitions and business instincts to perfection and they have a unique, womanly prospective on the workings within the world of business. This is not just a man's world any more. It is inclusive. Women are beginning to earn their fair share of the rewards and riches that were once taken exclusively by men. Women are starting their own companies, and as we are beginning to see, the modern business world belongs to both men and women.

The competition is fierce, but women are holding their own. This has led to many successful gains in business and corporate dealings for women, and if you look closely, you are going to see a trend that is going to keep growing as the business world changes. The number of women who own and operate their own businesses is going to continue to keep rising. This is not just a fluke. The time has come for men to understand that women are serious about their business opportunities and that they are going to compete vigorously. This is very real.

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