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The Business Woman

"Women are putting their imprints on just about everything that is associated with business. This is no longer a business 'man's' world. It now belongs to businessmen and businesswomen alike."
~John M. Roberts~

Men should take note. Women are on the move and bringing a change to the way things are done on Wall Street, Main Street, in the board room, and within society as a whole. Women are no longer relegated to raising children, cooking dinner, and cleaning house. They are holding their own inside and outside the home and they are doing a fantastic job of starting and running businesses.

The importance of how women think, act, and feel has taken center stage throughout the world. With almost half of the worlds population being women, it is no wonder that women are becoming more educated and worldly. And with education comes insight and the freedom to explore what it takes to exert themselves into the world of business.

Businesswomen have always been around but they have been underestimated, under served, and under recognized. They are very smart and resourceful and without a doubt, very strong. They have always had to wear many different hats and still maintain their self respect and dignity. She has had to be a wife, mother, counselor, friend, and mentor. And through all of this, she has persevered and grown in statute in the eyes of both men and women alike.

Today's businesswoman has come into her own as an intelligent, self reliant resource that is very much needed in the world. She is a creator of jobs, a boom to the economy, and as the world turns, she is becoming stronger and more in control of her own destiny.

Just take a look around and you will see the giant strides that women have made, and are still making, in business. Many have become very successful and others are on their way to the top of the world in leadership positions.

A prime example of this is Raquel Hunter, founder and CEO of MamasHealth, Inc. and Mamashealth.com, one of the fastest growing health related websites in the world. After starting MamasHealth, Inc. in 1990, she has built it into a mega company that continues to grow relentlessly.

Women are starting businesses in the medical field as doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, dentists and radiology technicians. They are starting law firms, paralegal services, escrow offices, real estate companies, financial institutions such as banks and mortgage companies, dry cleaners, flower shops, clothing stores, fashion design companies, restaurants and bakeries, interior design companies, and list goes on and on.

The truth is that women are starting their own companies faster than men are today. They are riding a wave of success that transcends anything that was though possible just a few years ago. More and more women are beginning to appear on the Forbes Magazine list of the wealthiest people. They are building their wealth the old fashioned way, they are earning it.

This is not a fluke. This is a very real picture of what is transpiring globally and it gives an insight into how women are taking advantage of the resources at their disposal and changing the way business is done around the world.

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