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Social Networking Woman To Woman
by Alvaretta Roberts

Women networking with women has taken on a whole new era. As a business woman, it is important to network with others in and outside of your field. Ideas come from many sources. Networking can be informative and productive.

Women have always networked, even before the word networking became popular. Remember the days when women would get together and talk about quilting, shopping, knitting, and whatever else came to their minds. Back then it was called gossiping, but it brought them together to talk about what was important in their lives.

Today, with so many women starting their own businesses, a little gossip is not a bad idea, especially if it can help your business grow and prosper. Social networking with other women is a great way to promote your business, and the more you network, the likelihood for more opportunities will arise. Back it the day, it was called "rubbing elbows." Remember this! In business, the more people you know, the more money you are likely to make.

A social network is a gathering of people who meet and communicate for specific reasons. It could be just to dine and talk, have a drink or a cup of coffee, taking in a movie, or it could be something bigger, like taking a cruise together, going skiing, or taking a trip to Hawaii. Whatever the reasons for getting together, whether to talk business, to chit chat about life in general, the current economic climate, or about personal issues.

As entrepreneurs, women have shaken up the corporate world. Business ownership is no longer dominated by males and as the world changes, so is the mindset of many women. Women are looking to other women for leadership, business advice, and for support. They are networking in ever increasing numbers.

Social networking woman to woman is a novel idea. A few hours in the company of other businesswomen can lead to the establishment of lifelong friendships. Social networking gives you the chance to talk about your business, learn what the other women in your network are doing, how they are doing it, and whether or not their ideas will work for you.

Social networking can lead to tips on how you can improve your business, increase your profit margins, gain new customers or clients, formulate new strategies, and it can open the door to long lasting business partnerships.

It is up to you make your social network produce good results for you by making your contacts meaningful. Don't come off like you're desperate and don't throw yourself on people because they will back off. Be positive about your business and make your conversation worth listening to. Don't be critical of others' opinions, even if you don't agree with them.

As a businesswoman, a good social network can work for you in many ways. Women have a lot to offer each other and networking can prove to be a valuable tool for sharing ideas and building long term working relationships. It is a good time for women who want to learn from other women how to become successful in business.

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