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Never Underestimate Yourself

Never underestimate yourself and never let someone else convince you that you are not worthy.

We are all creatures of habit, some good and some bad. One of the worst habits people have is that we tend to let others cast undue influence over how we feel about ourselves and the decisions we make. This causes us to second guess ourselves and make decisions based on how we feel others think instead of making the best choices for ourselves.

This is especially true when starting a business. When you make up your mind that the timing is right for you to start your own business or to expand the business that you already have, you should be decisive in your actions. It's always prudent to get advice, but remember, all advice is not good advice. The advice should come from someone you know and trust. Listen, think about it, and then make your own final decisions because in the end, whatever the outcome will fall on you and you alone.

You should never underestimate yourself. If you do your homework, plan your work and work your plan, you have a better than average chance of succeeding. Never let yourself become vulnerable to what others think about you or how you run your business. They don't know whether your ideas will fail or succeed so what they think really doesn't matter. It's what you think that's important.

Women are often ostracized for competing in certain business arenas with men. They are made to feel inadequate and uninformed about certain aspects of the business. They are told that they can't succeed and should not attempt to compete. Women are made to feel guilty about the decisions they make, which in turn, can undermine their quest to meet their goals and objectives.

But in many areas of business, when women do compete, they succeed admirably. And this is not a fluke. Women have the ability to out think and out perform their male counterparts and when they have to, no matter what challenges they have to overcome, they work harder and smarter to build powerhouse businesses that men envy and want to emulate.

Like men, women work long hours both at home and at work, but their daily routines and chores outside the workplace can differ greatly from those of men. If a woman is married and has children, she is expected to fulfill the duties of wife and mother while pursuing her dreams. And it is all the more difficult if she is a single parent.

Pressure on women entrepreneurs come from all directions because at times, they have to be everything for everybody. But women have proven over and over again that no matter how difficult things get, they can persevere.

Without a doubt, starting and running a business is not for the weak at heart and there are many obstacles to overcome. But a woman should never let anyone else make her feel unqualified, unworthy, or incompetent. She should always be mindful that women have proven themselves over and over again to be smart, strong, and resilient while carrying heavy workloads in the home and in the business world, and women should never underestate themselves.


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