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Strong, Educated Women

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 57 percent of college students today are women and the number is growing.

Women are making gigantic strides in the world of business, economics, politics, and education. One of the main reasons is that they are looking at themselves as equals to men and they are shaking lose the shackles that kept them subservient in the past.

Women are reaching for the same peaks of power that men have held throughout history and they are no longer resigned to the roles that were given them in the past. Todays' women are not the doting housewives of the past whose main purposes in life was to bear children, clean house, cook, and wait on their husbands.

On the contrary, the women of today are studying hard and getting higher degrees of education. They are attending colleges, universities and technical schools, and they are tearing down old stereotypes and barriers that once held them back. And many women have decided that working for men is no longer an option. They are starting, nurturing, developing, and running highly successful businesses on their own.

And those women who are still working regular nine to five jobs are moving into upper management positions. Some of them are running established businesses, growing them and making them profitable.

But that's not all. Today, women are working outdoors on Main Street as well as indoors on Wall Street. More and more women are taking on physically demanding jobs that were once reserved for men. Women are proving that physically demanding work can sometimes be done much easier by using brain power over muscles.

Women are climbing the ladders of success and they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Some are highly paid corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, architects, real estate moguls, stock brokers, financiers, registered nurses, computer experts, and astronauts.

You see women today in all branches of the military, many reaching the highest ranks and positions. They are showing the world that they can function as soldiers on the battlefield, operate military equipment, follow orders, and they show enormous amounts of courage in the face of adversity. This is not window dressing. They are doing it with skill, talent, courage, and above all, education, determination, and a true desire to be the best at what they are doing.

Some women work on cars, airplanes, and heavy equipment. They drive race cars, play professional sports, build houses, work in law enforcement, are firefighters, pilots, farmers, ranchers, and the list goes on and on. And they do their jobs well.

Women are making important decisions that affect local, national, and global business models and they are influencing the way business and politics is viewed around the world. They are working side by side with world leaders and corporate executives. They are making their voices heard through hard work and dedication to the job at hand. Their talents are outstanding and well received, and most importantly, they are refusing to be treated as anything but equals.

Women are strong and they are proving that they can compete and hold their own anywhere, anytime, and against anybody.

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