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10 Reasons Why Advertising Your Business Is Important

For most businesses, advertising is the key to success. There is a real need to let people know about your business if you want it to grow and prosper.

Below is a list of 10 reasons why spending money on advertising will help you grow your business.

(1) When you don't advertise, no one will know anything about you and your business. People tend to gravitate towards a known brand that they see being advertised on a regular basis.

(2) True enough, word of mouth is a great form of free advertisement, but it may not generate the widespread recognition that you need to grow and compete.

(3) You cannot assume that everyone automatically knows what you have to offer. Competition is always fierce and they will take your best customers if they advertise and you don't.

(4) Many entrepreneurs get business and fail to take the time to promote themselves. No matter how busy you think you are, the competition is finding time to generate an advertising scheme.

(5) Never assume that you are the only business in town because you're not. Even if you actively provide services to your customers, you have to remind them constantly that you are still there because people will forget you very quickly.

(6) Just because you've been in business a long time doesn't mean you have a monopoly on customers. Remember, people move away, pass away, and demographics can change overnight.

(7) Advertising lets potential new customers know that you are in business. People like to know the types of businesses that are close to where they live, especially if they are new to the neighborhood.

(8) Look at advertising as an investment in yourself and your business. It is an expense that is well worth paying. Your business budget should always include advertising dollars.

(9) Even though you have established clients, they should always be reminded that you appreciate their business. Even if you haven't provided them with a service in a while, a birthday card, Christmas card, or a nice letter is a great reminder that they are important to you.

(10) Advertising can work for you when nothing else does. When people see the name of your business over and over again, they will remember the name and when they need a service, they will contact you.

Advertising tells the world that you are in business and you are there to offer your services, where you are located, how you can be contacted, and why you are a better choice than your competitors.


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