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Travel And Vacations
by John M. Roberts

There is nothing more exciting than traveling to different places and experiencing things for yourself. The way to get a good view of the world is to travel and explore it.

Throughout your life, you will read and hear about different places and talk to others about things that they've seen and done. You see and hear about exotic and beautiful locales on television, the internet, magazines and other media outlets, but there is a big difference between reading and hearing about them and seeing and experiencing them yourself.

The only way to experience the wonders of the world first hand is to pack your bags and travel to the places that you want to see. If you want to travel, you have to do whatever it takes to make traveling and a great vacation an option for you and your family.

Traveling can be costly but it does not have to be. Some people get the travel bug and learn to travel extensively without breaking the bank. You can too. There are many discount travel options from cruises to hotels to airplane fares but you have to know how to plan by looking for the best deals, know what times of the year are best for discounted travel options, how and when to book reservations, and most of all, you have stay within your travel budget.

Let's talk about the travel bug. The travel bug is nothing more than the desire to travel, but it can bite you hard and if it does, look out! Once you start traveling, and if you learn to like being on the go, it's hard to stop. The travel bug may give you the desire to make short trips or it may entice you to take trips across country or around the world. The trips may be for vacation, for business, or for just a weekend outing.

Travel doesn't necessarily mean that the trip has to be around the world, to a foreign country, or to another state because there are many interesting destinations within a short car drive from where you are right now. It's interesting that many people in California travel to other places for vacation while many other people travel from all over the world to vacation in California. Californians live in one of the great tourist mecca's of the world, but many feel that they have to leave the state for rest and relaxation elsewhere.

And it's not just Californians, the same can be said about New Yorkers, Floridians, Texans, and people from other states. They want to go outside of their states' boundaries when they travel. And that's not all. Many people don't know that they have world famous tourist attractions, parks, and resorts within driving distance from their homes.

At any rate, the travel bug is addictive. It can make you think about nothing else until you get on a train, airplane, bus, or in your own car to take a trip. As we all know, the world is a very big place and there are so many exciting things to see and do right here on planet earth, from one end of the globe to the other, that it boggles the imagination.

To travel is to grow, intellectually, spiritually, and socially, while having fun, relaxing, and learning. Each time you travel to a destination, no matter where it is, you come away with a little more knowledge and understanding about it. You meet different people, see other cultures and how the people there live, taste different foods and drinks, and above all, you get to relax and enjoy the sites and scenery.

The world is full of natural wonders, mountain peaks, rivers and valleys, oceans, lakes and rivers, deserts and plains, volcanoes, caves, glaciers, forests, tundra's, great swamplands, and enough wildlife to fill the imagination. And added to that, there are many man made wonders as well, such as cities, skyscrapers, pyramids, towers, monuments, super highways and railways running across entire countries, bridges, and the list goes on and on.

There is something of interest to see for everyone on the planet and what makes it so exciting is that the landscape of the planet is constantly changing. What is here today may be gone tomorrow and something new may take it's place.

Travel means more than just saying that you've been to a certain place. It's about the experience and the feelings you get from being there. It's about what you see, the things you touch and smell, and what you learn and remember.

Those who love to travel have a burning desire to go places, to witness and touch things, to satisfy their cravings for adventure, to experience the world, and then come away knowing that they've actually rubbed elbows with something that has a special meaning to them.

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