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Pictures have a way of giving the imagination something to hold on to. It's like being at a place, at a specific time, enjoying a view, but not being there in real life. A picture can tell a story, give the viewer an opportunity to experience an up close encounter with another person, place, or thing, and then it provides memories without the viewer actually being there.

There are so many places to go, so many things to see, that there is no way possible to experience them all. You can read about many of them, hear about them, but there is absolutely nothing more invigorating than seeing them for yourself. But seeing them in person is not always possible, so the next best thing is to enjoy pictures.

Pictures, especially those of travel and vacation destinations, are worth more than words can express. A nice reliable camera or video is always a good thing to have when you are on vacation, or if you just happen to be traveling from one location to another. Things are always happening in the world and it's nice to be able to snap a picture or video tape something of interest.

MoneyMatters101.com presents this section to give the viewer a taste of travel through pictures. The use and the unauthorized reproduction of these images are prohibited without the express written consent of MoneyMatters101.com.

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