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Tips On How To Be The Perfect Guest!

Being a good guest means showing your appreciation and putting your best foot forward!

Many guests have been invited to visit relatives and friends for get-togethers, holidays, or maybe a spur-of-the-moment event, but wonders later why they weren't invited for a second time.

Could it have been your appearance, your manners, or your lack of compatibility? Maybe you didn't fit in with the crowd. Maybe you should have left earlier than when you did. Maybe you should have paid more attention to the host or hostess. All these doubts can become overwhelming and make you feel insecure.

To ensure that you are invited a second, and maybe even a third time, here are a few tips on "how to be the perfect guest."

Plan ahead. Always communicate with your host during the time of your invitation and the date of your departure. Make sure everyone knows your schedule. This means the time you will arrive and the time you will leave, if you're driving or flying, and if there are delays, make sure you inform your host.

Don't bring uninvited guest without your host's permission.Host or Hostesses should not be surprised with an unexpected guest. That is one impression that will surely get you uninvited to future events. If you are permitted to bring a guest, choose your companion carefully. Personalities should be taken into consideration with that of your host.

Give some thought about your entertainment. Your host may not be able to entertain you during your entire visit. You may want to have a day to yourself. Go see a movie. Walk around the neighborhood. Read a good book. Bring snacks that you enjoy from home. But let your host know that it is ok to be left alone.

Pitch in and do your part. Help with the dishes. Keep your room and bathroom tidy. This includes making your bed every morning and cleaning your bathroom. If your trash can in your room is getting full, empty it often. Offer to buy breakfast food if you're a breakfast person. Take the host and hostess out to dinner atleast once during your visit.

Show you care. At the end of your visit you may want to leave a note on the dresser or a small gift of appreciation. Remove the sheets from the bed and leave them in the room or in the laundry room. Follow up with a call once you've reached your home and are safely inside.

As always, treat your host as you would want to be treated in your own home!

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