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The Internet
by John M. Roberts

The internet has changed the way the world communicates, the way we handle our business, and the way people live.

The internet is a technological wonder that has created a whole new world of futuristic adaptations that are quickly transforming the way we live. Even if you don't use computers or notebooks, the internet or any of the other computer related technologies, you can be sure that they touch you in many ways that you may not be aware of.

For over a century, land line based telephones were considered the ultimate technology for local and long distance communication. Now, even though land line telephones are still in use, the number of land line users are shrinking steadily due to the use of cell phones and blue tooth applications, text messaging, email, and other satellite and cable applications.

The amazing thing about the internet is that almost everything today can be traced to it in one form or another ranging from business to personal use. No matter what you buy, sell, eat, drink, ride in, sit on, listen to, wear, or even think about, has a connection to the internet in one way or another.

Today, children are being taught how to use computers at a very young age and they are growing up thinking that the internet has always been around. It's easy for them because they have the capacity to learn quickly and it's fun for them. This makes computers and the internet an integral part of their lives.

Although it's been around for many years, internet applications are still being designed, developed, and exploited, thus making the internet more easily accessible and simpler to use. It is fast becoming just as important in many homes as television and telephones.

Many people have already come to rely on the internet for their personal and business needs. Some of those who have learned to surf the web, especially people who've worked in offices that use computers as part of their everyday work assignments, have grown to rely the internet and use it on a daily basis.

Internet usage has spilled over from the office into the home. More and more people are having cable and satellite dishes installed at their homes and many new homes are being built with internet access as part of the design.

So what is the internet? The internet is a system of computer technologies that are interlinked to create a worldwide network that can transmit data at such high speeds that it can allow billions of people around the world to communicate instantly.

The internet allows information to be shared through computers and other devices that are linked to telephones and/or satellite dishes. It allows easy access to different media outlets that include videos, photographic images, television, and radio.

The internet has influenced a wide range of our day to day activities such as the way we think, act, and conduct business. It is even having an affect on the way we interact with others on personal and professional levels.

All you need is a computer, internet access, and a key pad to bring the internet and the World Wide Web into your home or office, and with a laptop computer, iPad, Notebook, or other wireless applications, you can take the internet almost anywhere you go.

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