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Tax Definitions and Terms

You should know and understand tax related terms and definitions are because the tax system is complicated and the more money you make and the more assets and investments you accumulate, the harder you will have to fight to keep what you earn from going to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax collecting agencies.

The laws, regulations, and other issues involving taxes and how they effect you and your family are complex, detailed, and hard to understand, to say the least.

Even those who are educated and knowledgable in field of tax law sometimes find themselves puzzled and at a loss on how to explain certain codes and tax laws as they are written.

Tax laws, and the way they are implemented, are constantly changing and they are filled with words, phrases, and meanings that you may need a Tax Attorney or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to decipher.

Even though the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying hard to make tax laws and codes more understandable, they are actually becoming more complex because of the constant changes that our legislators are making.

Simplifying tax laws to make them more understandable is just one of the issues that are confronting tax payers. Complying with tax laws, filling out and filing tax returns, what deductions are legal and can be taken, and how to take advantage of certain options or breaks that may save you money are important issues.

A very important part of learning what you need to know about taxes is to understand how terms and definitions are used in the context of tax laws and codes.

With taxes, there is much to know. There are literally thousands of pages of tax laws and requirements for individual taxpayers, married couples, small businesses, tax exempt organizations, and major corporations.

By understanding tax related definitions and terms, a taxpayer can put the knowledge to work and make the tax process easier and less threatening

Federal, state, county, and city laws are written to make sure you pay your taxes, you pay them on time, and that they are paid in a sensible way that is fair for all taxpayers. You, as the taxpayer, have to be informed, and aware of your obligations, when filing your taxes when they are due.


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