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Are Taxes Fair?

Taxation is a necessary burden but where does it stop? Today, it seems that everything is being taxed.

Income tax has been hotly debated since the issue of taxation first began. Today, as in the past, the question of the fairness of taxation is going to be one of the issues that will be debated well into the future.

For most people, taxes are a burden that are deemed necessary to a certain extent, but most believe that there has to be a point when the government should stop adding tax to an already overtaxed population.

It is a fact that some form of taxation, whether on individual incomes, property, gasoline consumption, or other means of procurring revenue, is necessary to promote a better, healthier, lifestyle for all citizens.

But on the other hand, when does paying taxes become to much of a burden on the average taxpayer?

There are questions about taxes that most taxpayers ask over and over again and the questions never seem to get answered satisfactorily. The answer varies depending on who is being asked.

But regardless to who or what you believe, the real questions concern the fairness of the tax system and why we are burdened with certain taxes.

  1. Are we letting the government overburden us with taxes?
  2. Is there any tax relief in sight?
  3. Are our tax dollars being spent wisely or is it being spent on pet projects by our elected officials?
  4. If we look at how we live and see the positive things that taxes do for us, will we see a silver lining in paying so much of our hard earned money in taxes?
  5. How is the government going to pay for the billions of dollars that is being spent on the war in the Middle East?
  6. Are taxpayers going to get stuck with paying for the war?
  7. Are property taxes really that necessary and if they are, we being charged too much?
  8. Are sales tax and gasoline tax out of control and are we paying a penalty for spending our money on the things we really do need to survive?
  9. Why are so many taxes added to our telephone bills and other utility bills?
  10. Why is there "a take out tax" and "a eat in tax" at McDonald's restaurants? If you buy your food at McDonald's and eat it inside the restaurant, you are charged an eat in tax and if you decide not to eat your food in the restaurant and take it out, you are charged a take out tax. Will somebody please explain that!

The fairness question is a riviting one that has a lot of people fuming and questioning whether our tax system is in need of an overhauled.

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