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New Scholarship Announcements


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New Scholarship Announcements

You can help college students meet their financial needs by providing scholarships and grants.

As everyone should know by now, a college education has become very expensive and many students who want to go to college are finding it more and more difficult to pay tuition and other college related costs.

A four year college education can easily top $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 or more and the cost of tuition just keeps on going up. This is causing many students to rethink their goals for getting a higher education, either scaling back on the number of years they attend, or they may give up on college altogether.

There are resources available to help reduce the costs of college. They are scholarships, grants, internships, and other financial aid opportunities. These resources have always been important sources of revenue for college students but today, they are needed more than ever.

Many companies, public and private organizations, and individuals offer scholarships every year that are not awarded because students are not aware that they exist.

If you are giving scholarships or know of a company, organization, or an individual that is offering scholarships, please contact us at emailus@moneymatters101.com.

MoneyMatters101.com will make the announcement about the award on our scholarship and grant sections. Your participation will help college students meet their financial needs.

For additional scholarship information, click here.

For information about grants, click here.

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