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New Jersey Scholarships

The Jennie M. Haver Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.


The Jennie M. Haver Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 5141
Clinton, NJ 08809-0141

Annual Scholarship Awards

10 Jennie M. Haver Awards $57,000 or more
6 Special Awards  
M.P. Mortimer Civic Fund $1,000
Family Nursing Fund $2,000
DeMott Vocational Fund $1,500
Helen Hoff Educational $1,500
Paul Wirtz Agriculture Award $1,500
Margaret Schumaker Music $1,500
Ella Haver Science Award $8,000 (minimum, $15,000 awarded in 2008)

Guidelines for Scholarship Awards 

Scholarships for advanced education in any field are awarded annually to seniors recommended by their respective schools. Each year, 10 scholarships in Jennie Haver's name and 7 Special Awards are granted. Hunterdon Central, with the largest student enrollment, submits two candidates. Because of the DeMott bequest, North Hunterdon and Voorhees will each submit three. The other high schools recommend one student. Awards over $2,000 are divided over two or four years. If a recipient does not remain in school, he or she forfeits the rest of the scholarship.

The number and size of awards made in any year will be determined by the Trustees' knowledge of the ability of the Fund to fulfill commitments.

The administration and guidance personnel in each school select candidates on the basis of character, intelligence, scholastic development, and demonstrating financial need.

Final selection of the recipients will be made by the Board of Trustees after personal interviews.

Download the Scholarship Application Form Here and submit it directly with your Guidance Counselor.

The Jennie M. Haver Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded in 1956 in honor of Hunterdon County's "Helping Teacher", Ms. Jennie Haver, who was the first in the state of New Jersey in 1916.

Each year, 10 scholarships in Jennie Haver's name and 7 additional Special Awards are granted to graduates within the Hunterdon County, NJ High School System.

The newest Special Award is the Ella Haver Science Award, in honor of the current 98
year old President of the Fund. 

Over the past 54 years, this home grown
Scholarship Fund has awarded over $1.3 Million to 477 Hunterdon County high school graduates. 

In 2010, 17 graduates received $69,200 in funding distinguishing this Fund as one of New Jersey’s largest scholarship funds.

Completed applications must be submitted in advance of April 5, 2011 to the applicant’s respective Guidance Counselors in one of the five regional Hunterdon County High Schools. 

The guidance professionals in each school
nominate the most qualified candidates.  The final selections are made after interviews with members of the Board of Trustees.

The selection of each recipient is based on greatest financial need, combined with highest merit as defined by academic and civic achievements. 

For more information and applications, contact: jenniehaverscholarship.org

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