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What Is Success

The definition of success is a desired or favorable outcome of something that was attempted and or completed.

In reality, there are many variations or levels of success. What one person deems to be success may be seen as failure to another.

Some people look at success as having an accumulation of money and worldly possessions, while others view success as just living another day.

Success is really a state of mind. For instance, some students feel successful when they get their high school diploma, while others don't feel successful until they finish college. And still, success to others is getting a PhD.

In business, as in life, success has many levels. For example, you have two entrepreneurs who love making beautiful flower arrangements and both own their own business.

  • Entrepreneur number one owns a small flower shop in the suburbs. She is happy with her one location and she feels totally successful making just enough money to pay the mortgage on her suburban home, buying an inexpensive car every eight years, putting her two children through a local college, and putting a little money aside for savings. She gets up every morning, goes to work, and is happy with her success.
  • Entrepreneur number two owns a chain of flower shops all over the city and has ambitions to open shops all over the country. She owns one of the biggest homes in a prestigious neighborhood in the city, buys a brand new Mercedes every four years, and sends her two children to the best private school in the state. She get's up every morning, goes to work, and is happy with her success.

Both entrepreneurs are happy where they are personally, professionally, and financially. Both are where they want to be in life, so both are successful. Success has a different meaning to different people.

John M. Roberts is the owner of John Roberts Realty located in Moreno Valley, California. You may contact him at jrobertsrealty@yahoo.com.

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