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Effective Business Leadership
by John M. Roberts

Not everyone is a born leader. Some people have to grow into the role while others take on the job as if being a strong leader is what they were born to do.

An effective business leader is one who makes things happen, in the company that he or she runs, in the business world as a whole, and in the lives of those they touch on a day to day basis.

Some of the most well known personalities in business, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Carl Ichan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, and others, are household names, but there are many, many, more who don't cherish the limelight, don't have celebrity status and like it that way, and yet, they make some of the most important business decisions on a daily basis that affect millions of people worldwide.

From the largest Fortune 500 companies all the way down to your small business entrepreneur, there is always someone who has to make a judgment call if the business is to move forward and prosper. Many of those leaders, business owners, presidents of companies, CEO's, managers, and supervisors see themselves as everyday people, and when they are not making business decisions at work, they are usually at home, living quiet, unassuming lifestyles with their families.

Who are these people? They are individuals just like you and me. They take on leadership roles in small business ventures, large companies, and corporate giants because they have goals and dreams. They want to see progress, make profits for their company, and they take pride in their accomplishments.

Some people are thrust into leadership roles, not by choice, but by the necessity of the moment. There are those who find themselves running a company because of the death of a parent, the removal of the another leader, and sometimes people find themselves in a business leadership role because something they began as a hobby started making money and then grew into a successful business enterprise.

Whatever the reasons, some take on that responsibility with gusto, while others do it reluctantly. Not everyone is a born leader. Some people have to grow into the role while others take on the job as if being a leader is in their blood.

Some business leaders look to the future with an eye on specific goals and work feverishly to accomplish them. Others take what is there and work to maintain the status quo.

Do all effective leaders have charisma? Some do and some don't. Some leaders have a great outgoing personality, inner strength, the ability to speak well, always say the right things at the appropriate time, and know how to establish and maintain a loyal following. They do very well in business and know how to finesse those who follow them by showing poise under the most difficult circumstances.

Charismatic leadership is great for any organization, but there are many great leaders who are considered non-charismatic to the point of being boring, nerdy, and shy. Some very good leaders are downright obnoxious, hard nosed, mean, and hard to get along with, but they have the uncanny ability to to think on their feet, solve problems, motivate those around them, and to make things work.

Effective leadership also centers around how well a person can influence others to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities and to keep employees, and others, focused and forward thinking.

Effective leaders make good, spur of the moment, judgment calls, and have the ability to create great opportunities for their companies, businesses and/or organizations, and for the individual employees in which they manage.

If a business leader can set a positive course for his company or organization, keep pace with daily changes in the business and economic climates, maintain good working relationships with employees and other business leaders, the company or organization is likely to be in good hands and will prosper.

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