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Good Employer/Employee Relations
by John M. Roberts

One of the most important standards that successful companies implement early on is the development of good employer/employee relations.

The way a company develops it's products and services, grows it's market share, and how it is viewed by the general public, and it's competitors, depends a lot on how the company treats it's employees and how it's employees, in turn, project the good will of the company into the public arena.

This is very important because grumbling and ill will within a company has a way of quickly spreading and it can give a company a bad reputation and cause customers to consider doing business elsewhere.

Employees are more than just the ones who do the work, they are individuals who have much to gain by making the success of a company their priority, and by doing this, they can help develop long term working relationships and provide stability for themselves and their families while helping to make the company stronger and more profitable.

If an employee intends to make a long term commitment to a company, the employee has to feel that it is a good career move and they have to feel that the company has their best interests at heart. Not only do employees expect a pay check at the end of the work week, they also expect to be treated with respect and dignity.

Most successful companies give their employees high priority when it develops it's employment policies and programs. Those priorities also include scheduling and work arrangements, employee benefits such as medical and dental insurance, 401k and other profit sharing opportunities, vacations and holidays, along with competitive salaries.

Management styles have a big impact on how well employees perform. Many companies train their managers to work with employees in developing meaningful spheres of progressive interaction and work relationships, especially with mentoring and coaching.

Progressive programs should be standard within a company's polices. There should be open door polices between management and employees that guarantee fair treatment and effective complaint processes to ensure that there is a real attempt at reasonable problem solving.

Communications should be standard fair within a company. Information should be made readily available and any changes or implementation of company policy or government regulations should be brought up for immediate discussion.

Promotions should come from within the company unless the skills needed for that particular position cannot be found within the ranks of existing employees and there is no time for on the job training.

Within most company philosophies, there is a desire to promote respect, emotional satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. They try to put their employees first because it leads to long term growth, stability, and a good working environment.

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