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Business Terms and Definitions (Y and Z)

Yankee Bonds: Bonds that are issued in the United States by foreign banks or corporations and is dominated by U.S. currency.

Year To Date Earnings: An accounting of money earned and all deductions taken from an employee's wages, salaries, commissions, or other sources of income. Year-To-Date earnings are listed on a stub that is usually attached to a paycheck, showing the amount earned from the beginning of the year, or date of hire, until the listed date of the specified ending period.

Yield: The amount of return an investment or loan is going to produce by dividing the yearly payout by the amount of the investment.

Yield Curve: Barometer designed to measure the amount of yield investors receive for longer maturing bonds, plotting the amount of income each individual bond will yield.

Yield Basis: A method of quoting the value on assets as a percentage, as opposed to the exact dollar amount.

Yield To Maturity: The amount of interest income calculated from the time of an investment purchase to the maturity date.

Zero Coupon Bonds: Bonds that are sold at a discount in anticipation of future maturity value, giving the buyer the opportunity to earn interest if the value rises to reach full value by the maturity date.

Zoning: The creation of geographical sectors to regulate and permit uses upon property for specific activities.

Zoning Laws: A set of rules and regulations that determine how property in certain geographical locations can be used and is dictated by the rule of law.

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