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Sales Tax: A levy, usually as a percentage, against the retail price of consumer goods and services. Most states and municipalities charge a sales tax but some don't.

Savings Bond: A security instrument that is issued at a discount and fully backed by the U.S. government. Savings bonds earn variable, market based interest that is sold to the general public by commercial depository banks or by the federal reserve.

Savings and Loan Associations (S & L): Federally insured and regulated financial institutions that are required to make a certain percentage of home mortgages, currently around 70 percent. Savings and Loan Associations specialize in long term mortgage financing, checking and savings accounts, and other banking related services.

Secondary Money Market: A market, such as a stock exchange, where investors buy and sell loans, securities, and other assets which are then packaged, resold and/or repurchased to other investors.

Secured Debt: A loan or debt taken on with a specific asset or assets pledged as collateral. A lender underwrites a loan and uses a borrowers' home as security for the repayment of the loan.

Securities: An issue of stocks, bonds, and other secured instruments that grants the right to participate in profit making endeavors, used as a vehicle to invest for financial gain and for long term retirement income.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): A federal agency established to regulate the buying and selling of securities to prevent fraud and unfair practices and to maintain the integrity of the securities market.

Sexual Harassment: The unwanted advances of a sexual nature, in the workplace or in public. Sexual harassment is an unlawful act and the perpetrator can be prosecuted and/or be fired from a job as a consequence.

Short Sale: In the real estate market, a short sale is allowed by the lender who holds the note on a home loan that is in default, allowing the closing of an escrow for less than what is owed on the loan.

Silent Partner: An individual who invests in a business relationship in which he, or she, plays no active role in running the day to day activities, yet shares in any profits or losses.

Social Security: A form of insurance that distributes benefits to eligible retired workers who meet requirements as set forth by the Social Security Administration. Social Security requirements include age, health, disability, aid to dependent children, and survivorship.

Sole Proprietorship: A business that is unincorporated, owned and run by one person who bares all responsibility, usually as a dba (doing business as), and pays taxes as a proprietor.

Stock: The ownership interest in a company evidenced by the certificates sold to the public by the issuer. Stock are usually issued in one of two categories, preferred or common. Common stock entitles the owner to receive regular dividends with the rights to vote at regular stockholders meetings. Preferred stock pays limited dividends, has no voting rights, but has prior claim to earnings of the company over common stock.

Syndicate: A group of individuals or businesses that unite to form a single enterprise in order to accomplish a business venture that may require large amounts of capital that none could perform individually.

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