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Obligation: The moral and legally enforcable terms of a contract that makes it the duty of a borrower to repay a loan, and it gives the lender the legal rights to enforce the payment.

Obsolescence: The process of becoming useless or showing signs of physical decay that diminishes property value.

Occupancy: The act of taking possession of a property and moving in, whether by ownership, renting, or by other means, legal or illegal. The one who inhabits a property is called an occupant.

Offering: A first time distribution of stocks or bonds, made available as a public offering.

Offer Price: The price offered in which a seller of an asset is may or may not be willing to take or that price which a buyer determines that he or she is willing to pay. An offer may be negotiated until the acceptance of the terms are agreed upon and brought to a conclusion in a binding contract or it may not be accepted at all.

Off Shore Banking: The depositing of monies in banks that are located outside the national boundaries of the United States. Off shore banks are owned and operated by non U.S. regulated enterprises that adhere to the rules and regulations of the countries in which they are located, sometimes offering favorable regulatory, political, and tax advantages.

Open End Mortgage: A loan in which the lender allows the mortgagor to borrower additional funds under the same mortgage, depending on certain criteria.

Open Mortgage: A mortgage in which the lender allows the borrower to repay the loan early without penalty.

Option To Buy: A contract between a buyer or seller stipulating that the buyer has the right to purchase property at a stated price and terms by a set date. Usually offered to a tenant who rents until the set date of purchase.

Operating Expenses: The overall cost of doing business that include overhead expenses such as wages, taxes, equipment and machinery, office furniture purchases, and other unexpected business related expenses.

Operating profit: The gain, after taxes and other expenses are deducted, on the activities of a business.

Option: A contract that gives a beneficiary the rights to sell, buy or trade a property, or other commodity, at a specified price within a specified time, without being obligated to make the transaction.

Ordinary Income: Wages, salaries, commissions, tips, and other forms of pay that is not considered investment income or capital gains.

Opening Price: The price quoted at a stock exchange when it opens for business in the morning, adjusted from prices of the closing markets the previous day.

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