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Naked Option: An option that is written by an investor who does not own the asset. This option can be written for securities, commodities, indexes, and currencies. There is greater risk but a higher potential for profits.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA):

NASDAQ: The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) is a computerized system that provide price quotations for dealers and brokers on securities that are traded over-the-counter.

Negative Amortization: The increase of principal when a loan payment is not enough to pay the interest that is due, in which the unpaid portion of interest is added to the loan balance.

Negotiate: The act of finding common ground through discussion with the goal of reaching an agreement by two or more parties.

Net Assets: The value of a company's shares based on it's balance sheet that is computed on a daily or twice daily basis by totalling the market value of all securities owned by the company, deducting all liabilities, then dividing the balance by the number of outstanding shares.

Net Worth: The value of assets, including capital and undivided securities, minus liabilities.

New Issue: Stocks or bonds that are sold for the first time. It's initial public offering by a company which uses the funds to pay off outstanding debt, to buy new equipment, or to be used as additional working capital.

New York Stock Exchange: The New York Stock Exchange had it's beginning back in 1817 and has grown to be one of the biggest trader of stock by volume in the world. The NYSE has a more strict policy for companies that list with it than other stock exchanges.

No Load Fund: A mutual fund that does not carry a sales commission or load. No-load funds are sold by the distribitor and not through a broker, however, distribution fee's covering selling costs may be charged annually.

Nonaccumalative Preferred Stock: A type of stock on which unpaid dividends do not accrue and are usually lost forever.

Non-Qualified Plan: An employee benefit plan that does not meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service, thereby making any contributions to it taxable.

Note: A legal instrument that promises to pay specified amounts of money by a given date.

Notice Of Default: A written document giving notice that loans or other liens on a property are delinquent, and the lender or the lien holder intends to foreclose in a Trustee's Sale if the payments are not brought current.

Notice To Creditors: A written notice, posted in a newspaper, advising creditors of an estate, or other debtors, to present any claims that they may have in court.

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