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Hard Currency: Currency that is expected to at least maintain, or to increase, it's value in relations to other currencies and is convertible to currencies of other countries.

Hazard Insurance: Coverage on property that cover against fire, theft, injury, vandalism, and certain natural events. Most mortgage lenders require a hazard insurance policy be placed on a property before funding a loan.

Head Of Household: The person designated to be the one in charge of supporting, managing, and or speaking for the family. The head of household maintains the household and is allowed to file his or her taxes based on head of household rates.

Hedge Fund: A high risk investment strategy used by a mutual fund that pools investor's money to buy or sale securities in order to make a profit. Hedge fund investors are usually wealthy individuals or institutions who invest large sums of money, usually $1 million or more at a time.

Holding Company: An investment company, usually a mutual holding corporation, bank, or savings and loan association which holds control over one or more companies by owning enough voting shares of a company's common stock.

Holding Period: The length of time that an asset is held, from the time it is purchased until it is sold or traded.

Home: A home is a house, condominium, apartment, or other dwelling places where an individual or a family lives.

Home Equity Loan: A loan given against the equity in a home in return for a note and deed of trust placed on the property. Interest on the amount borrowed, up to $100,000.00 is tax deductible.

Home Office: A home, or portion of a home, that is used as a principal place of business and is allowed to be written off as a deduction when filing taxes.

Housing Starts: A way the government measures economic trends is by keeping up with the number of building permits issued, in a particular state or around the country. Economists can gauge how the economy is fairing, whether it is going through times of stability, inflation, or recession, by the actual number of building permits that are issued.

Hypothecation: The pledge of stocks, bonds, or other assets as security for a loan without transferring title.

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