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Business Terms and Definitions (A)

Accountant: An individual, or company, who is hired to take on the responsibility of keeping tract of capital gains and losses, business expenditures and profits, tax obligations, separation of personal and business funds, and managing checking accounts and credit card purchases.

Accounting: The process of keeping tract of of economic expenditures and information, whether in business, politics, or personal finances. Classifications of accounting fall in managerial and financial categories that are used in budgeting, pricing, profit and loss calculations, planning, productivity, and other financial activities and information associated with capital, investments, and similar matters.

Account Maintenance: The act of maintaining investment accounts that are set up by mutual fund companies for customers who are charged set up fees and other fees to organize and maintain their portfolios.

Accounts Payable: Amounts owed to creditors that are included on the balance sheet as liabilities.

Accounts Receivable: Invoice amounts owed to a business that are listed on the balance sheet as assets.

Acreage Allotment: The area of land that a farmer can harvest without disqualifying from government price supports such as low interest crop loans and other subsidies. Acreage allotments are used to control certain crop production such as tobacco and cotton.

Agency Bonds: Bonds offered by agencies such as the Federal National Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac), the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), and the U.S. Post Office that are backed by the United States government.

Alternative Minimum Tax: A tax rate designed to make sure that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, if the taxpayer has to many deductions.

American Stock Exchange (AMEX): Located in Manhattan financial district of New York City, the American Stock Exchange is a smaller version of the New York Stock Exchange. Started by a group of individual stock traders in the mid 1800's, AMEX companies are usually smaller to mid sized and more volatile because of the more liberal policies than those of the NYSE.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The Annual Percentage Rate is the cost of credit and/or money that is projected over the life of a loan. The Annual Percentage Rate may differ from the nominal interest that is being charged to the borrower.

Annuity: A payment of money that is made annually and usually tied to a specific fund or other interest bearing account.

Appraisal: An appraisal is an opinion of value that is issued in a report, usually written, that substantiates the actual value of a particular property.

Asking Price: The price put on a commodity that is offered for sale.

Assets: Things that are owned that have value, such as jewelry, real estate, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, automobiles, and other items. Assets can be used as payment of a debt or can increase net worth.

Audit: An examination, by an auditor, of the financial status of an individual, or business enterprise, that is based on books of accounting. The auditor is entrusted to give a true and accurate assessment of whether or not the individual or business is truthful in the documentation of financial affairs.

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