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A sport, or sports, is defined as an activity in which participants use mental and physical prowess to win a game or to enhance an individuals' physical statue and well being. Today, sporting activities vary to such a degree that it is hard to put a label on some of them as sports.

Some people question whether chess, checkers, billiards, and card games should be put in the same category as physical sports. Nevertheless, the people who play these games feel that since they require dedication, training, intelligence, and sportsmanship and since they are played competitively, they should be classified as sports.

There are sports that are played for fun and others that require specialized skills and there are literally hundreds of variations of sports requiring different degrees of mental and physical aptitude along with a strong desire to compete and win.

Many physical activities are played by individual participants while others require two or more contestants. There are games that require multiple players such as football, soccer, and basketball, and there are other sports that are associated with entire leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry with no boundaries. As long as there are people, there will be activities that can be and will be considered sports. Many industries have developed around the many facets of sports and sports related activities.

This makes sports a very competitive industry, not just by the people who actively participate in games and other physical activities, but also in the business world.

Businesses that generate billions of dollars on sports, games and sports related activities include:

  1. Professional teams
  2. Simi-pro sports teams
  3. College sports
  4. Television and radio
  5. Satellite and cable
  6. Promotion companies
  7. Agents
  8. Attorneys and law firms
  9. Sports clothing
  10. Sports shoes
  11. Sporting goods and equipment
  12. Stadiums
  13. Gyms and fitness centers
  14. Race tracks
  15. Health foods
  16. Bottled water
  17. Energy drinks

Humans have competed against each other for thousands of years. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans, Sumarians, and other cultures competed in sporting events for entertainment. In many cases, sporting activities were brutal and ended in death for many participants.

Sports are sometimes used to bring players together who would not meet and compete in friendly competition otherwise. Teams representing countries from around the world compete in the summer and winter Olympics, in soccer matches, marathons, baseball, basketball, and in ice skating and hockey matches.

Today, people walk, jog, ride bicycles, swim, surf, scuba dive, pitch horseshoes, fish, hunt, climb mountains, drive race cars, sail boats, box, wrestle, race horses, and participate in other games and activities that are classified as sports.

Children are encouraged to participate in sports at an early age, sometimes before they can even walk. They learn to play baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and soccer. They are taught to swim, roller skate, ice skate, skate board, ride bicycles, and run competitively. Throughout their young lives, children compete on different levels of sports from Pop Warner football and baseball through high school, college, and for those who are talented enough to make it into professional sports.

Since sports cover such a broad range of activities, the definition often depends on rules and regulations that are set up by certain governing bodies and organizations.


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