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Fickle Consumers

America is sick, in part because we are fickle as customers when it comes to quality.

We may be educated about certain elements of health and the importance of certain ingredients in foods, yet when price is attractive, we tend to purchase on price alone. Few want to admit that they purchase on the basis of price and not on the nutrient value of the foods they buy.

We may know what is healthy but figure, "Just this time," because it is on sale. The immediate consequences of the lack of nutrients or outright toxins may not catch up to us. It takes a period of time filled with poor choices before the body rebels or becomes diseased. The rebellion may be in the form of aches and pains first, and the disease of full-fledged cancer or heart disease may come later.

We may purchase produce that has been sprayed to keep the bugs off of it. Close inspection allows us to see the waxy substance or smell the petroleum by-product.

We may want to purchase milk or eggs that are the least expensive, not knowing what the feed was that went into the chicken that produced the egg. We may not know the cleanliness, or lack thereof, that was present in the preparation of the milk or the feeding of the cow. The meat that is in the stores is many times bought through a stockyard and mass processing unit that loads the food with potential hazards.

You may ask, "What can I do?" You can build trust with a local producer. You will need patience and persistence. The producer will also have to be patient with you. You will need listening skills; you must listen to the producer, and he or she must listen to you.

There are many producers of meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy within less than 100 miles of where you live today. If you are truly interested in developing a relationship with the person who influences your food supply, you will commit the time and energy.

Of course, customers are fickle, and sometimes good intentions begin, but lack of persistence does not allow us to finish the job. If you are serious about your health, you will make a concerted effort--and stay with it--to find local producers of the food you enjoy eating. You can obtain nutrient-dense, quality produce, dairy, and meat.

By now, I hope you recognize the extreme importance of this topic.

...But you don't have to be. Increase knowledge of your food supply and practice self-discipline to maintain a direct food source for you and your family. Again, I recommend the Weston A. Price Foundation for discovering the people near you who may help locate a local producer.

An excerpt from Why America Is Sick by David J. Henderson, Ph. D.


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