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Super Saturday

Sales, Sales and More Sales

Super Saturday is the final Saturday before Christmas in which retailers try to entice shoppers to flock to their stores. On this day, deep discounts are offered on merchandise such as clothing, shoes, toys, jewelry, cookware, and other products that are bought as Christmas gifts and for personal use.

Retailers keep track of what people buy throughout the year and they know what people are apt to spend their money on for Christmas. So on Super Saturday, they stock their stores and offer discounts that could go up to 40, 50, 60 percent or higher.

Sales is the key word for Super Saturday. It is estimated that in the week leading up to Christmas, most people have less than 50 percent of their shopping done. And with this being the last Saturday before Christmas, they want to get as much of their shopping completed as possible.

This makes Super Saturday a time of frenzied activity for both retailers and shoppers. Big box retailers like Wal Mart, JC Penney, K Mart, Target, Sears, Best Buy, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, and Kohl's use Super Saturday to out sell each other by offering huge discounts on certain items. Some stores even offer free merchandise if specified amounts are spent in their stores.

Retailers have the know how to get people to come into their stores, especially people with children. They offer sales prices on the most popular toys of the season and big discounts on electronic games for teenagers and young adults.

Retailers know that women love jewelry so the jewelry counters are stuffed with sales on diamond rings, gold earrings, pearls, gold chains and bracelets, and other jewel encrusted pendants. They also know that women of all ages like shopping for clothes, shoes, and beauty products so they stock their racks with the latest in fashionable clothing, underwear, night wear, shoes, boots, and perfumes, lotions, and makeup.

Retailers stock the men's counters with watches, jewelry, shoes, clothes, sweaters and jackets, underwear, socks, colognes, shaving aids, and other personal items.

Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Super Saturday is another boom day for retailers to increase their revenue for the year. There is a lot at stake for many retailers because many of them depend on the money made during the holiday season to keep them afloat for the coming year.

If Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday, many retailers use the Saturday before that as Super Saturday, but they still open on Christmas Eve and offer even bigger discounts to lure in those serious procrastinators. But if a shopper waits until then, he or she may find that most of the best merchandise will have been picked over.

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