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10 Tips For Smart Shopping

To save money, shop intelligently.

(1) Invest in a coupon organizer. They are inexpensive and if you use coupons on a regular basis, they come in very handy. An envelope will work, but an organizer will allow you to be more organized.

(2) Actively look for sales and discounts, clip and use coupons when grocery shopping, and buy what you need, not what you want. Look through sales papers for discounts when you need to buy clothes or appliances and look for clearance sales.

(3) Decide how much money you can spend without going over budget. Do this before leaving home. Once you make a budget, stick as closely to it as you possibly can.

(4) Make a weekly dinner list with the things you need to buy. Write them down. Look through your pantry and cupboards to make sure you don't buy things that you already have.

(5) Once you get in the store and start shopping, cross each item you pick up off the list as you put them in your shopping cart and try to match each with a coupon or an in store discount.

(7) Look for buy one, get one free products but make sure that the one product you have to buy isn't overpriced. If it is, you will actually pay for the one you are supposedly getting free.

(8) If you buy products in bulk, always ask yourself if you are going to use it all. You are wasting money if you have to throw half of it away.

(9) Most foods have an expiration date or a use by date on them. This is important because, although many products are still usable after the posted date, some are not. This is especially important for medicines and other medical products.

(10) One of the best ways to save money is to shop around for the best prices. Some stores are cheaper to shop in than others, but sometimes the more expensive stores have better sales bargains. You have to keep an eye out for the best prices which may mean stopping at more than one store.

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