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Shopping is the process in which merchandise, goods, produce, or services are actively sought out for purchase or trade. The purchase can take place when and where the product is found or merchandise can be located for purchase at a later date.

Shopping has always been an experience that serves many purposes. Why we shop and how we shop has become just as important as the merchandise we purchase.

It can be viewed as something that takes place out of necessity, it can be a social experience, a pleasurable outing, or as many people are now coming to realize, shopping can become a hard to control addiction known as oniomania.

Everyone has a need to shop for something, whether it is for personal use, business use, or just for the sake of buying something whether they need it or not.

We all shop for groceries, homes, clothing and other fashionable items, cars, loans, insurance, books, farming equipment, electronic items such as computers, games, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, and other household products, vacations, jewelry, and the list goes on and on.

Shopping has a big impact on the economy and the overall health and wealth of the country. Millions of jobs depend on the amount of money that is spent on a daily basis and many business depend on shoppers spending at certain times of the year such as the Christmas holidays, Valentines day, back to school shopping, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Each of these specific times of year present opportunities for retailers to make enough income to keep their doors open for the rest of the year. The merchandise that shoppers buy has to be replaced with new and more updated versions so the cycle keeps rolling on and on.

Money is spent, money is made, and the turnover helps on all sides of the economic equation because if people spend money, job are created and if jobs are created, people have money to spend.

With the ease of getting from one store to another, the advent of malls and shopping centers, and with online shopping becoming more and more popular, shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. People can shop within the comfort of their homes and offices without the hassle of venturing out to stores.

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