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The Holiday Shopping Season

As we all know, the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season is said to be Black Friday which is the Friday after Thanksgiving. But in reality, shopping for Christmas begins the day after Christmas for many people and lasts throughout the new year.

And then there is Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber, or internet, shopping has become the modern way for retailers and shoppers to connect. It offers an easy way to buy and sell merchandise without the need for customers having to leave the comfort of their homes and offices to shop.

Cyber Monday has become a major part of holiday shopping, offering online sales on just about any product that can be found in stores. What makes Cyber Monday so special is that many people have gone back to work and can do their shopping from computers on their desks or work stations.

Shoppers can pay for their purchases with credit or ATM cards and have their merchandise shipped directectly to their homes, offices, or anywhere else by the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express (FedEx), or the United Parcel Service (UPS).

The day after Christmas sales are just as important to retailers because it allows them to get rid of much of the unsold merchandise that was brought in just for the holidays. As with Black Friday, the day after Christmas sales attract millions of shoppers who may find even better bargains than those leading up to Christmas. The day after Christmas sales offer prices that, in many cases, cannot be matched at any other time of the year.

Some people shop year round for gifts, picking up items that will make nice gifts for the upcoming holiday season. This is a great way to have those special gifts to give without breaking the bank and accumulating a lot of debt at the peak of the holiday shopping season.

Putting your holiday gifts on layaway and paying for them over a period of time, usually in monthly increments, can significantly reduce the need to spend right at Christmas time. Layaway plans are especially appealing during periods when the economy is in recession.

Even being, many people wait until the last minute to holiday shop. And no wonder. There are so many bargains to be had as retailers look to increase their incomes and reduce this years inventories to make room for new updated merchandise for the upcoming year.

Aside from the obvious reasons of gift giving and buying things for personal use at great sales prices, holiday shopping is fun, energizing, and it gets you in the mood for the whole holiday season starting from the weeks before Thanksgiving on into the New Year.

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