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Reupholstering Your Furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, you can save money by having your old furniture reupholstered.

Fabrics on upholstered furniture gets worn, frayed, discolored, and may dry rot over time. This is caused by heat, humidity, and everyday usage. When damage occurs, the furniture becomes unsightly and you may have to decide whether or not to replace it.

Stop and consider your options. In most cases, reupholstering is cheaper than buying new furniture and you can save money when you take the time to get the best materials at the lowest prices.

Before doing anything though, think about whether or not the furniture is worth the costs of reupholstering it or whether is it better to discard it and spend the money on something new.

There are times when having furniture refurbished can be very costly because certain fabrics are more expensive than others. And the cost to do the job may be more than you want to spend.

You should also consider the location in the home where the furniture is going to sit. This makes a difference in the types of fabrics you should use. For instance, if furniture is going to sit in the living room or family room that will have a lot of traffic, a heavier fabric should be used. If the furniture is going to sit in an unused bedroom, a lighter fabric can be used. The weight of fabric has a bearing on costs so this should be taken into consideration when reupholstering furniture.

If you don't know how to do the job, there are online sites that give detailed instructions on the art of reupholstering furniture. You can also find shops that specialize in restoring furniture. If you chose to get the job done professionally, get more than one estimate. Like anything else, individual shops charge different prices.

Have the shop check the frames to make sure that the construction is still solid. The corner braces should be intact and damage to any part of the furniture should be minimal when having work done to it.

Older furniture frames may be sturdier than that found in much of todays' newer furniture. This means that by reupholstering, you can have the quality that comes with your older furniture along with the ability to pick fabrics that suit your personal tastes.

By reupholstering your old furniture, you can save money on finance and interest charges and avoid long term payments altogether.

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