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Save Money By Becoming
A Beauty School Makeover Volunteer

If there is a cosmetology school in your neighborhood, you may be able to get your hair done at a big discount.

Cosmetology, barbering, and other beauty training schools and facilities are found in many locations and need people to voluntarily come in so students can gain hands on experience by working on the people who come in to save money.

The gamble is on the quality of the service you receive, but since it's free or heavily discounted, people come in anyway. In essence, you will be a guinea pig, but don't worry, the students are under the strict supervision of licensed hair stylists, makeup artists, and teachers. And if there is a mishap, you will get a free makeover.

Many people who come in are expectedly nervous, but once they try it, most are satisfied and come back again. This is a great way to save money because schools offer discounted prices on makeup applications, haircuts, shampoos, tints, manicures, pedicures, facials, highlights, trims, and other services that are being taught to students. Some schools perform the services for free but ask patrons to give students a tip.

Both women and men like to be pampered, but in most beauty solons, prices are so high and they can't afford to get everything they want done. But if you go to a cosmetology school, you can get the same high quality services that are performed in professional beauty solons for half the price and sometimes more.

Schools often give free merchandise to customers who come in a certain number of times and give them professional spa treatments that include the application of oils, lotions, and massages.

As a potential customer, the best thing to do is to find out if the school has a model list and then sign up for services. Schools often publicize the dates and times that discounted prices are offered. It may be on Tuesday for regular customers, Wednesday for senior citizens, and Thursdays for minors.

There are benefits to both the customer and the student. A customer signs up to be a model and get free or discounted services while the student gets experience working on a real person instead of a mannequin or a fellow student.

This can also lead to a long term relationship between a student and a customer. Once a student graduates from the school, if the customer likes the way the student performed, they may follow the student to his or her shop as a loyal customer.


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