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Stop Gambling

Many people, actually a great many people, have problems with gambling. They can't stop because it's an addiction, although most of those who spend many hours at slot machines or gaming tables don't think that the term "gambling addiction" applies to them, but it does.

People, from the young to the elderly, are spending a lot of time in casinos, playing slot machines, blackjack, poker, and craps, and many are losing everything they own, their monthly retirement income, social security payments, and their life's savings.

Others are spending their nights playing bingo, which has become a major source of revenue for some churches and other social and private organizations.

And still, many of us are betting on hitting it big by playing the lottery once or twice every week. We all know that the odds are very small that you will ever hit the jackpot, but in all honesty, some people do win, though not many. The odds of hitting the lottery and winning a lot of money are about 1 million to 1, which are not very good odds at all, yet, we keep playing.

Gambling addiction is widespread, seeping into all segments of our society, from the wealthiest to the poorest, within all age groups, and it appears that the problem is growing. More and more people are showing up at gambling venues and wagering their hard earned money on an elusive dream, which is what gambling is.

When the economy gets bad, people start thinking of ways to increase their income, and many turn to gambling, but gambling does not make dollars, or sense, for most people. It's almost like giving your money away.

Some people claim that they gamble for fun, but going home broke is no fun. And what's worse is going home owing the casinos what is called gambling debt. Gambling can cause you to lose your money, your car, your savings, and your home.

The more you gamble away your money, the more desperate you will become, doing whatever it takes to get more money to bet. Many people end up so deep in debt that they never recover financially.

Gambling can also cause negative mental and physical side effects, alcoholism and drug addiction, and unsavory behavior, such as fighting, thievery, and even murder. Some people go to jail, lose their families through divorce and disassociation, and many have to get psychiatric help to break their gambling addiction.


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