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Small Saving Can Grow Into Big Savings

"There is no shame in saving money, no matter how small the amount saved."
~John M. Roberts~

Every dime saved increases your chances of remaining financially fit. Don't fool yourself into thinking that small savings on everyday expenditures doesn't make a big difference to your long term financial health. Pennies, nickels, and dimes may seem insignificant when trying to save money, but small change can grow into dollars over time and then the dollars can add up quickly.

You have to shop around for the best prices and always be aware of where you spend your money. Over time, if you pay attention to the amount of money you are spending, you will see the difference and you will realize that a nickel here or there two or three times a day adds up to dollars by the end of the week. Nickels and dimes may seem insignificant but the more you spend, the more significant they become.

You may say that you can't walk around all day counting your pennies. Maybe not, but those who do will tell you that it is worth the effort. Many wealthy people will tell you that that is how they got wealth. There is no shame in saving money, no matter how small the amount.

Some banks offer programs that can actually help you save change. When you make a purchase using your ATM card, the bank takes the change that is rounded up to the nearest dollar and put it in your savings account. It gives you the opportunity to save money a little at a time without having to put your hands on it. The only drawback to that is that you have to keep your check book balanced. Remember that the change, although a small amount, is transferred from your checking account to your savings account each time you make a purchase.

Think about this. Buying sodas, candy, cigarettes, and other items from machines are more expensive than when you buy them from a grocery store. Neighborhood convenience stores are usually more expensive than super markets. And certain super markets are more expensive than others.

When you buy sodas from a soda machine, you end up paying almost twice as much more than if you buy from a super market. At the market, you get more for your money but you may have to pay a little more because you are getting much more at the time. In the long run, you save substantially.

And it's not just sodas. The same thing applies to candy, potato chips, cigarettes, sandwiches, and other items that are sold in vending machines and convenience stores. Sure, it's convenient, but you pay dearly for the convenience

In many cases, buying from bulk rate stores is the best ways to go, but you have to keep in mind that you are going to have to spend more money to get more for your money. In other words, buying in bulk calls for a plan. Buying in bulk is not good for certain products, especially those that don't have a long shelf life like certain vegetables and fruits.

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