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Electricity Saving Devices

There are several companies that manufacture and sell electrical power saving devices for homes and businesses that are designed to save substantially on electricity usage, thus reducing your energy bills.

Based on surge protection technology, the devices are designed with a capacitor for storing and equalizing electrical power in a steady flow and preventing the surges that cause the waste of electricity.

Nearly all homes and businesses have this problem because there are always peaks, valleys, and surges in the constant run of electricity that is being transmitted over power lines. Much of this electricity is wasted and can be saved and used in a more efficient manner.

Appliances and office equipment use a lot of electricity and power surges have been known to overheat electrical wiring and cause damage and/or shorten the life of appliances and office equipment.

With electrical power surge devices, a controlled output of power flow is created throughout the home or office which may save up to 40 to 50 percent of electrical usage and, over time, can generate a significant savings of money for homes and businesses.

These products are not the power surge plugs that electronic devices are plugged into. They are usually designed as a light weight box that is plugged into the outlet nearest the electrical circuit box or near the circuit panel itself. They usually will not have plug in holes for plugs and extension cords.

Installation of most electrical energy savers are as easy as plugging them in. Depending upon the size of the home or office space, more than one may be needed.

Once electricity enters into the electrical power surge capacitor, the excess is stored and sent out evenly as needed, thereby reducing the amount of energy that is brought into the home or office from utility companies.

The size of the home or office space makes a difference when buying electrical power surge devices because most of the devices service a specified amount of space. For larger homes or offices, more than one may be needed.

Electrical power surge devices are relatively inexpensive, usually costing between $200.00 and $300.00. They pay for themselves in a matter of months though the money saved on your electrical bills. Some may come with manufacturers rebates or coupons.


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