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Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

Many people don't associate wasteful spending with buying and reading their their favorite magazines, newspapers, and other publications but the truth is, the difference between buying a magazine or other publication from a newsstand, convenience store, grocery store, or vending machine and paying for it through an annual subscription make quite a difference in the amount you spend over the long run.

An individual magazine purchased at a newsstand or grocery store may cost around $5.00 per copy. If you buy one copy each week for twelve months, you will spend around $250.00 or more. On the other hand, you may be able to buy a yearly subscription of the same magazine for under $30.00 dollars and have it delivered to your door by mail every week. The savings can be substantial, especially if you like to read different magazines.

Where do you find magazine subscriptions? You can and should shop around for the best subscription prices for your favorite magazines. Most magazines come with those annoying post card like offer forms that literally fall all over the place while you are reading the magazine. They offer subscription prices that are generally much lower than newsstand prices. Another great source for low subscription prices for magazines and other publications is the internet.

The same is true for newspaper readers. A daily paper will cost you between $.50 and $1.00 or more per day. And a Sunday paper may cost as much as $2.50 or more per copy. This can add up to be over $300.00 per year as opposed to between $35.00 to $50.00 for a yearly subscription in which you get the paper delivered every day, including Sunday. And the savings are even more if you are a coupon shopper. The coupons in the Sunday's edition, over the course of the year, will pay for the subscription.

State sales tax may also be added to the costs of magazines and newspapers when you buy them at a newsstand, convenience store, or grocery store.

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