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Retirement Hints

From the book, Have The Time Of Your Life In Retirement by Dave Brazier

Be proactive. There's a management theory that states, "If you want to change the results you are getting, either change the process or the people or you will continue to get the same results." This concept also applies to retirement. If you are not happy with parts of your retired life and you don't take any action, things are not likely to change. Be a dynamic manager of your retirement and help make change happen.

Think twice before you commit. When you say yes to something you are saying no to something else. Your twenty-four hours of allotted time is currently being used. When you put a new item into your schedule, something has to come out. Obviously, this can have a positive or negative impact. The positive: You may be replacing idle time or a boring activity, or you may be forcing yourself to become more time efficient. The negative: You may be overloading your schedule, creating stress or reducing time allocated to favorite activities. Remember your twenty-four hours is a constant; it can't be expanded.

Pre-identify backup activities. Many retirement activities are weather dependent or subject to a change of plans. Keep a list of projects or activities that can be substituted for those that may become temporarily unavailable. I have a variety of backup activities I can turn to when my normal activities are cancelled or I am faced with that minus twenty degree New Hampshire day.

Research key activities. Expand your knowledge of the subjects you are interested in by collecting information. Be sure to store such information in an easily accessible place. I save mine in individual folders.

  • Do you like to hike? Collect information and maps on all the hikes in your area.
  • Are you a golfer? Save articles and tips for improving your golf game.
  • Interested in movies? Read reviews and keep lists of those that have been recommended.
  • Do you like to travel? Read and save articles about locations or trips that appeal to you. Then, when an opportunity presents itself, you'll be able to respond in a timely manner.

For example, one folder I keep is for fall trips. One of my daughters shares my interest in the outdoors and camping. Because she is seasonally employed she is available to go on trips in September when outdoor destinations are less congested. This file has produced some interesting excursions. We kayaked one hundred miles of the Lewis and Clark trail in Montana and ninety miles of the Allagash River in Maine. We've also spent five days canoeing the Minnesota Boundary Waters and four days and nights kayaking off the Maine coast.

I review and organize these folders periodically. In fact, it is one of those activities I save for a cold winter evening.

For more great hints on having a funfilled retirement, pick up Dave Brazier's book "Have The Time Of Your Life In Retirement." This is a little book with big ideas for those who have already retired or are about to retire.

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