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Are You Ready To Retire?

Many people are finding that their retirement isn't going to be what they once thought it would be.

Along with providing a decent living for themselves and their families, most people spend their working lives with an eye on the future, that is, their retirement years. Retirement is on the minds of millions of people right now and they are beginning to question whether or not they are ready to take the long awaited first steps towards a life of leisure living.

Until the 19th and 20th centuries, most people worked until they died, unless they were wealthy or had saved enough money to retire on. It's hard to believe that not that long ago, there was no such programs as Social Security or pensions made through employer/employee arrangements.

Although times have changed for the better for most workers, they still need to know and understand their options when it comes to retiring. Things have changed dramatically over the past few years and many people have recently found out that their financial wellbeing, and their ideas about retirement, may not be as good as they once thought.

As we all know, there is a lot of talk today about how people lost their life savings through bad investments, bad real estate purchases, upside down mortgages and high interest loans, declining stock values, and a near depleted Social Security system that needs to be overhauled as soon as possible.

Although some people may have to put off their retirement plans, there may be some positive news in all of this. Things may not be as bleak as many would want you to believe. In the long term, your retirement plans may actually be better than you might think.

You should take a look at all scenarios and then chose a course of action that works best for you and your family. There is a lot of negative news out there, and rightfully so, but that doesn't mean that the world is crumbling.

  • People are living longer and it may be good for your health to continue working. Believe it or not, many people go through retirement shock when they stop working. Some get sick, some have heart attacks and strokes, and others get depressed, stressed out, and feel worthless. Working may keep you physically fit and feeling good about yourself.
  • Although real estate prices are down, the real estate market will rebound in the near future. It may take four or five years, but prices will start to rise again. Although some people bit off more than they could chew with adjustable rate mortgages, they may be able to refinance to a lower, fixed rate loan.
  • Many analysts feel that stock prices will go up again and they suggest that the best course of action is to leave your stock where they are and ride out the recession. This may or may not be a wise idea, so as a stockholder, you should go with your own gut feelings. Although most companies can bounce back from hard times, others may not fair so well. You should make your own decisions based on research and always keep an eye on what the company is doing.

The question still remains. Are you ready to retire? If you are, you should research your options. Contact your company's human resources division and ask them where you stand on your retirement benefits, but don't take for granted that what you are told is all you need to hear.

Remember, some people can paint a grand scenario in words. This does not mean that they are lying, but they may not understand what you really need to know. So ask questions and don't leave without being satisfied that you fully understand everything in your retirement package..

Talk to other people, too, such as a financial planner, your tax consultant, or to an accountant. They may have valuable insight to your long term financial needs when you retire.

Retirement is a big step in your life, so don't take it lightly. The last years leading up to your last day of work is crucial to you and your family, so do the homework and look into all of your investment vehicles to make certain that they are what you think they are.

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