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Renting Your Vacation Home

Many people buy vacation homes for their own personal use but most buy them for tax purposes with the intent to rent them out.

You will need to learn how to check state and local laws for short term rental periods, insurance requirements, and sales tax requirements. You should learn how to promote your property and target the best renters for different times of the year, set goals for rental income, and how to determine profit and loss for your property.

You may need to work out a partnership agreement with a property manager, and learn how to break even by renting during peak weeks, and who to rent to during off peak season. You may also want to know how to decorate your property, stock it with adequate amenities, and make your property as comfortable as possible for all seasons.

Talk with other homeowners that have vacation homes that are rented out.

Follow through with all the information you have gathered on what it takes to start renting your vacation cottage, holiday home, or cabin getaway as a vacation rental.

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