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Quick, easy ways to spruce up your home

  • Make sure the rooms are crisp and clean. Spending a few extra dollars to clean the carpet, take down the flocked wallpaper, or repaint pink or purple walls will go a long way. Buyers are more likely to make an offer on a house that is clean and uncluttered
  • Cut the lawn. Make sure your lawn and gardens look great, trash cans and bikes are put away, house numbers are attractive and easy to see, the front door is spectacular and that you have some attractive potted plants by the door. The front lawn is one of the first things your buyer will see. A clean lawn will help them want the house before they even see the inside.
  • Tidy up the foyer. If you have a foyer, it will probably help shape the first impression of the inside of the house. Make sure the foyer area is clean and not cluttered.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean. When you clean the rooms, make sure to clean the inside and outside of windows, behind the toilet, bathroom grout, under sinks.
  • Use rooms as they were intended. If you turned your extra bedroom into an exercise room, turn it back into a guest bedroom. Buyers want to see rooms in their most natural form.
  • Fix what's broken. Broken items can help bring the sales price down. Broken fences, wobbly stairs, and cracks in the walls can be used against you in a price negotiation.

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