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The GOP History

The Republican party is known around the country as the GOP, short for the Grand Old Party. It is actually the youngest of the two major parties, the oldest being the Democratic party.

Over the years, Republicans have become deep rooted in their beliefs and they oftenl use political and religious values to make their point. They have made the word "values" a rallying cry to the faithful in all segments of the Republican party.

The party standard is the belief that making the law is the duty of the legislature and that judges should not be in a position to legislate from their positions on the bench, so they feel that it is important to appoint judges that practice restraint in their judicial rulings.

One of the hot topic for most Republicans, as far as the law and religion together are concerned, is abortion rights. As a party that eschews family values and the right to life, Republicans are generally against abortion and a woman's right to chose.

They believe in the rights of every citizen to bare arms and will fight vigorously against anyone who suggests any type of gun control.

They also believe in capitol punishment as a way to curb violent behavior and that capitol punishment sends a strong message to criminals that crime will not be tolerated in this country.

The GOP is generally against big government and for states rights. They feel that many government sponsored programs, such as racial quotas, public welfare, and affirmative action are programs that should be limited or abolished altogether.

They want free market policies that support businesses by lowering taxes on individuals as well as corporations in belief that private spending is more advantageous than government spending and produce more economic benefits.

Although most Americans, regardless to whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or affiliated with any other party, believe that the country is well served to have a strong military presence.

The GOP has taken the position that the military is their cause. Republicans feel that the military should always be well funded and untouchable when it comes to government expenditures.

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