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Democratic Party Facts

The Democratic Party was formed in 1794 by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and others who felt that the Federalist Party, led by Vice President John Adams and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was leading the new nation towards a government that would be run by a few wealthy merchants and land owners.

Other Facts about the Democratic Party:

  • The Democratic Party is currently the largest political party in the United States with roughly over 72 million registered voters.
  • The Democratic Party has historically represented farmers, laborers, labor unions, and religious and ethnic minorities.
  • The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was first set up in 1848 to organize Democratic campaign activities, to support and coordinate Democratic candidates and their campaigns, raise funds, and enact and promote election strategies, as well as overseeing the process of writing the Democratic platform.
  • In presidential elections, the Democratic National Committee supervises the Democratic National Convention. There are state and local committees in most cities, towns, and counties. The chairperson is elected by vote by the members of the Democratic National Committee.
  • The party began supporting welfare spending programs that targeted the poor in the 1930s. The party believes that the government should play a vital role in erasing poverty and social problems that many Americans face.
  • The Blue Dog Democrats, a caucus of fiscal and social conservatives and moderates, forms the part of the party's conservative Democrats.
  • Most Civil Libertarians support the Democratic Party because of the party's stance on civil rights and the separation of church and state.
  • Pro-life Democrats are sometimes classified as conservatives based on it's social conservatism.
  • Centrist Democrats favor the use of military force, are subject to support reducing government welfare. They also support welfare reform and tax cuts.
  • A large portion of the Democratic base are ethnic minorities. The party's strong stand on affirmative action, welfare for the lower class, unemployment, labor unions, and immigration has led many voters to support Democratic candidates.

Although the Republican party has sent more candidates to the Presidency, the Democratic party has had more luck with Congressional and Senatorial candidates, as well as state and local office holders.

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