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Politics is the forum in which people present their views, discuss options, and make decisions that affect those who fall within a certain jurisdiction. Politics and political structure is found throughout the world, from rural settings, villages, towns, cities, counties, states, provinces, and countries.

Politics is also a forum by which countries are able to present their opinions on issues that affect them on an international scale. Countries can seek out political solutions on their national interests, work together on common goals, and form alliances.

Politics can be found in corporate and business structures, religious organizations, households, schools, and anywhere people come together to present a voice for change or the preservation of current standards.

Politics is always a work in progress. On any given moment, all around the world, politics is at work. People are discussing issues that range from global economics, regional wars, the production and usage of natural resources, nuclear disarmament, human rights, international trade agreements, economic strategies, international law, and a host of other issues.

In the United States, politics is always a hot topic, and especially hot during times of presidential elections. Political alliances are formed, policies are debated, and a candidate's political and personal accomplishments, as well as strengths and values, are publicly scrutinized.

Political parties usually rise from the differences of opinions held by like minded individuals who seek strength in numbers. There is a saying that "politics make strange bedfellows." Many people will support a political party or an individual candidate for the sake of one cause, even though they don't agree on anything else.

Politics has been, and will always be, a source of debate and discussion for people of free will who have ideas of what is of importance to them and what works in their best interest.

Politics is the forum that has brought freedom, civil rights, educational opportunities, advances in medicine and medical awareness, and laws to protect the rights of people around world.

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