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Social Networking

One of the best ways to cultivate good business relationships and personal friendships is to get involved in social networking. You have to get other peoples' attention. You need to market yourself, your skills and your abilities, in a way that make other's want to give you a heads up on available job openings and other worthwhile opportunities, whether for business or for pleasure.

How do you social network and how do you make social networking work for you? It's simple. All you have to do is to take the initiative to do the things that will bring you in contact with other people, especially those who are in a position to help you personally and/or professionally. You need to learn where people congregate, how to play golf, play cards, go to parties and other social events, invite people to your home, and above all, you need to talk to people.

Years ago, this was called the numbers game. The more people you bring into your sphere of influence, the better your chances for opportunity becomes and that will help you get ahead of the pack in sales or in other money making endeavors.

The numbers game theory is good for you today, too. Networking opens the door for more opportunity by increasing the number of contacts you make during periods of harsh economic times.

The ability to network effectively is why some people tend to do better than others when the economy goes bad. When the economy cools down or goes into a period of recession, many people who make their living in sales quit selling and try to find a regular nine to five job. That leaves their clients, who still have the ability to do business, without a person to service their needs so they turn to those who remain in that particular business.

Therefore, those who seek referrals through networking may be able to pick up those people as clients and it increases their chances for greater success.

If you are starting a business, or if you already own a business, and you want to expand your realm of success, social networking can provide you with the means to meet the right people who, in turn, can promote and help keep your business in public awareness and moving in the right direction. Networking can also help cultivate a valuable clientele and many referrals.

Most people will tell their family members first, friends and acquaintances second, and then others about positions that become available at their place of employment. If they know of a family member or friend who is in need of a job, they will be the first who are told.

By networking and making new acquaintances, if you need a job, you may get an inside scoop. Being around the right people can open doors to employment opportunities that you may not get to know about otherwise.

Social networking is all about being seen, being heard, and cultivating friendships and business partnerships. It gives you the opportunity to project yourself into the realm of discussion about things that interest you with the people who can help you help yourself.

The greater your social network, the greater your chances become for finding personal relationships and for cultivating business and other opportunities. Networking has always been a valuable tool and the popularity of networking, for social awareness and business opportunities, is becoming a household word for everyone from business leaders to those who network just to meet people.

The acquaintances you make throughout your life, in many ways, can be more important than the accumulation of wealth because your friends may become the catalyst for meaningful relationships and the happiness in your life.

In other words, networking really does work.

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