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Investment Vehicles

Question: What are "investment vehicles?"

Answer: Investment vehicles are the numerous types of investment schemes (vehicles) that are designed to make your money move in the direction you want it to go, and grow, for future use. Your retirement funds, savings, and investments are already in "investment vehicles."

"Investment vehicles" facilitate the accumulation of interest in savings accounts, promote growth in stock earnings, earn matching funds in 401k's and other job related plans, and drive the equity buildup in real estate investments.

In other words, "investment vehicles" are there to make it possible for you to take advantage of ways to earn, save, grow your money, and create higher, long term purchasing power.

Question: What are some "investment vehicles" that are economically sound, easy to put your money in, and is easy to manage?

Answer: Let's go for a quick ride in some of the most common investment vehicles. They are savings accounts, stocks and bonds, 401k plans, real estate investments, precious metals, IRAs, CD's and mutual funds.

Savings accounts are offered to the general public by banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions and other institutions as a means to save money and earn interest on it while the money is used by the same institutions for the purpose of making loans.

Stock is offered for sale to investors for the rights to share dividends the rights to a certain portion of ownership of the company.

Bonds are usually bought by investors because they are considered to be secure and provide a reliable source of income. Bonds can be cashed in before their maturity date.

401k's are company sponsored matching funds that are designed to give employees a means for saving for retirement.

Mutual Funds are managed by professional investment companies that combine the money of shareholders and invests the funds in different securities of many different companies.

Real Estate is one of the most profitable of investments because of the need for housing and business locations. Property prices are affected by the market and can drop, but smart investors know that property rarely goes down in value and if it does, it usually rebounds.

Precious metals such a gold, silver, platinum, and copper are great as a hedge against inflation and prices rise or fall depending on what is going on with the overall economy.

Note: There are many other "investment vehicles" that are more complex and may carry more risks. As with any investment, a careful and well thought out plan is wise for even the most experienced of investors.

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