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Veteran Benefits

Serving in the United States military offer many benefits for veterans that make joining the armed forces, the Coast Guard, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Army, or certain military reserve and national guard units, a career choice that is well worth looking into.

Many of the benefits become available once an individual initially enters the military and many more benefits become available after a soldier is discharged after serving the minimum time required or after retirement.

Some of the benefits for veterans are listed below:

  • A VA Home loan is one of the great benefits offered to veterans. VA insured loans afford veterans the opportunity to buy homes with no money down and with lower or no closing costs.
  • Educational opportunities for veterans is a high priority of both the military and civilian authorities. The Veteran's Administration offers tuition programs under the Montgomery GI Bill, the Reserve Educational Assistance Program, the Veterans Educational Assistance Program, and other programs. These programs make getting a college or technical school education easier for those who serve in the armed forces.
  • Employment opportunities cover a broad range of careers. Veterans are trained for any one of many job skills while on active duty and once a veteran leaves active duty and returns to civilian life, those skills are coveted by employers around the country and around the world.
  • Veterans Preference gives special consideration to veterans who apply for certain government based employment opportunities. Many private employers also give veterans a higher degree of consideration for employment.
  • Healthcare is a high priority offered for all veterans. The use of VA healthcare and healthcare facilities are extremely important for many veterans who do not have health insurance or cannot afford to go to civilian doctors and hospitals. Veterans healthcare is an essential benefit to veterans who are disabled and are in need of special medical assistance.
  • Disabled Veterans are given preferential treatment in filling certain Federal employment opportunities and are offered training and vocational rehabilitation that helps the veteran find suitable employment in the civilian sector, as well as in the government sector.
  • Veterans Organizations are set up in nearly all communities around the country that offer a place for veterans to relax and interact with their peers. Many of these organizations award scholarships and grants to veterans and their dependents for college education.
  • Veteran Insurance Benefits are awarded to soldiers during military service and are offered at a very low premium after the veteran has been discharged.
  • Burial And Memorial Services are offered to any member of the Marine Corps, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or the Coast Guard who dies while on active duty or any veteran who left service with a discharge other than dishonorable. Spouses and certain dependents are eligible along with others who served the United States military is certain capacities.
  • Discounts For Veterans are offered at many hotels, airlines, restaurants, car rental businesses, insurance companies, and other establishments and places of business.

Millions of veterans take advantage of the benefits listed above and there are many more offered by the government, the military, and by civilian businesses and other establishments.




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