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Military Careers

The armed forces of the United States of America, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and the Marines, offer some of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities for men and women who are looking to broaden their lives.

Each branch of service is unique, yet working together, they provide security for the the country and give a strong sense of purpose and unity for those who are serving now and for those who have served in the past.

Aside from the benefits of traveling around the country and to many other parts of the world, the military offers basic skills training and many other high valued career building opportunities for individuals who want to learn and grow.

There are literally hundreds of careers to choose from and most of them can be used in civilian life. Military training is considered a valuable asset when applying for non-military jobs in the civilian world.

Many companies give extra consideration to veterans when hiring because they know that veterans have been trained in discipline and know how to lead, as well as how to follow instructions.

Jobs in the military are normally awarded according to the qualifications of the individual based on skills, natural talent, interests, physical attributes, and scholarship.

Many opportunities are awarded through on the job training, classroom settings, and the individuals ability and desire to learn.

One way to look at the military is that it is the largest employer in the country and no matter where you live and work, more than likely you are in the presence of veterans.

Along with learning a trade, the military offers many other benefits. There is medical and dental coverage, the GI bill for home purchases, low cost life insurance plans, small business loans, and other benefits for disabled veterans and low income veterans.

The Montgomery Bill for college tuition is designed for enlistee's who agree to have $100.00 a month deducted from their pay during their first year of service. If they choose to go to college after their tour of duty is up, they can receive up to $650.00 a month for tuition and other college expenses.

Each branch of the military offer GI's the opportunity to get a college education, even while serving on active duty. They offer credits that are recognized at colleges across the country.

If you have student loans, there are programs that can help repay your loans while you serve. Each branch of the military has it's own plan so you should check first.

Enlisting in either the Marines, the Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard, or the Army is a great career move.

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The Navy


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