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Loan Terms and Definitions (X,Y,Z)

"X" or "Mark": Used by individuals who cannot write and or spell their names or have a physical impediment that prevents them from being able to write. In some jurisdictions, an "X" or a "mark" may not be used as a valid form of signature.

Yard: The space between a house or other building and the line where the property ends. Usually called a front, back, or side yard.

Yield: In real estate terms, the yield is the ratio of income from an investment property to the total costs over a specified period of time. The rate of return, usually expressed as a percentage.

Zero Down Payment: In real estate terms, making a zero down payment is putting no money down on the purchase of real estate but still having to pay closing costs.

Zone: An area that has been designated for certain uses or events by city, county, or other zoning authorities.

Zoning Map: A layout of land showing the the different uses of the land under set laws, ordinances and/or restrictions.

Zoning Regulations: Laws, ordinances, and restrictions that are established and put into effect by state, city, or county legislators specifying the best use of areas that contain farm land, ranches, vacant lots, houses, apartment buildings, condominium and townhouse complexes, commercial properties, hotels, motels, and other parcels of real estate.

Zoning Variance: A change made to ordinances or restrictions on real property to allow or to disallow certain improvements or uses of the land or building, without totally changing the legal zoning.

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