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What Does Divorce Mean To You?

If you and your spouse are having problems that seem insurmountable, with no way of being worked out, divorce may be the only solution. In the world in which we live in today, many people seek divorce as opposed to trying to hang in a marriage for the sake of the marriage.

Years ago, divorce was frowned upon and couples often lived their whole lives in a bad marriage feeling angry, depressed, and miserable. In a religious and moral sense, divorce was unthinkable, and no matter what, you stayed married because you made the choice to get married in the first place.

Although still considered a holy matrimonial experience today, people tend to have no qualms about walking away from a marriage, bad or otherwise. It is estimated that over 50% of marriages end in divorce and many people are marrying two, three, four, five or more times without giving it a second thought.

These are astonishing numbers and beg the question, "Why are you getting married in the first place?" It is understandable when two people have fallen out of love, have found that they are truly not compatible, if there is violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental cruelty, or other problems.

But it's hard to understand when a person divorces over and over again. If you are the next in line to marry a multi-divorced person, you may have to ask yourself some serious questions about your soon-to-be spouse and take a harder look at the person's mental capacity and his or her moral standings. Obviously, there is a reason why this person is marrying and divorcing so often. Something may be wrong.

If the person's spouse has died, even more than once, it is understandable to remarry. (That is, if the spouses didn't die under suspicious circumstances). Otherwise, look before you leap.

So what does divorce mean to you? Do you think it's important to think before you say I do or is marriage just another thing to do? If you marry, or are already married, how do you think a divorce will affect you and your family.

Although most people say they married for all the right reason, love being the most important, many don't. They want the attention that marriage brings, more so than for love, or they do it for security and companionship. Others feel that marrying someone, anyone, is just the right thing to do or they feel that they are getting left behind by their friends who have already married.

Whatever the reasons, if you are not marrying for love, more than likely, sooner or later, you will find yourself in divorce court.

Divorces are often traumatic experiences that carry significant and often damaging affects on a person for many years. It affects everyone around you, your children, parents, inlaws, brothers and sisters, friends and associates, and most importantly, you.

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